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Ground Handling

   Corporate / Business Private Flights
   VVIP/Diplomatic Flights

   Passenger or Cargo Charter Flights
   Technical Stop (Refueling/Crew Rest)
     Ambulance / Medevac Flights

   Services Offered

      Facilitation of the following Operational Permits
  •    Phil. Entry-Exit Permit
  •   Authority to Operate a Charter Flight - for passenger or cargo flights
  •   Phil. National Police Aircraft Exit Clearance

   Representation and coordination with airport and other concerned agencies

   Customs, Immigration & Quarantine special arrangements

      Provision of the following aircraft servicing and documentations
  •   Marshalling/Chox/Headset
  •  Pushback
  •  Lavatory/Toilet Servicing
  •  Potable Water Servicing
  •  Garbage/Trash Disposal
  •  General Declaration / Passenger or Cargo Manifest Preparation
  •  Flight Plan Filing / TAF-MET & NOTAMS
  •  Flight Watch 
  •  Inflight Catering coordination
  •  Crew / Passenger Meet and Assist
  •  Crew HOTAC and transportation arrangement or coordination with the pre-arranged
  •  HOTAC and Crew Transportation
  •  Fuel Provider coordination